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Tsdz2 250w

Or does it fall behind on other features like power and built-quality? In this post, I will give answers to all these questions by providing an extensive review of the Tongsheng TSDZ2 conversion kit. If you buy a Tongsheng TSDZ2 conversion kit, you will have all the parts you need for a complete conversion, except the battery.

You will have to buy a sperate battery or you will have to go for a seller that includes a suitable battery as well. You can find some product links of such kits from my recommended sellers below.

From the picture, it can be seen that some parts are optional. Whether or not those parts will be included is based on the display choice you make.

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At a voltage of 36V the options are: W, W and W. At a voltage of 48V the options are: W and W.

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The controller inside every Tongsheng TSDZ2 is the same, the only difference is in the way that they are programmed. Each different version is programmed in a way that they draw the correct amount of amps at the right voltage to obtain the specified power output. So physically speaking all different power versions are identical.

You will also decrease the reliability and the lifespan of the controller and motor by doing this. So stick to 36V or 48V batteries if possible. So which power level should I choose? This depends on what sort of ebike you want to build. If you want a street-legal ebike, go for the maximum amount of power that is road legal in your country. This is W in the EU for example. This is the most powerful and versatile option. With this version you can use a lot of power if necessary by selecting a high pedal assist mode.

You will have the best of both worlds in this case. Which display you need to choose depends on one question: Do you need e-brakes? If you want e-brakes, the VLCD5 display will be your only option since this is the only one that supports e-brakes.

Apart from the e-brake functionality, the displays all provide the same functionality. So your choice should depend on personal esthetic preference. The VLCD5 display is absolutely huge, its a bit overkill in my opinion. But if you absolutely want the e-brakes then you will still have to go with the VLDC5. This size will fit most bikes perfectly without clearance issues. There are however some sellers that provide different size chainrings for an extra payment, like 34T or 52T options.The TS in TSDZ2 stands for Tong Sheng, and that company decided a few years ago to make a mid drive kit that was as small as possible, but it would still be able to meet the W power restrictions of Canada, Austria, and Switzerland.

How small is this small mid drive? From the right side it is almost completely hidden behind the large chainring and trust me you will want a largish chainring. And from the left side you can see that the only place to put it is below the bottom bracket BB, the pedal-spindle assembly. The TSDZ2 from the left side.

If you try to rotate the body forwards and up, the squarish controller cover would protrude downwards more. When you pedal, the power is applied. And when you stop pedaling, the power stops. To be fair, as long as you keep it under lb, you can get your ebike licensed and insured as a MPH moped, which grants you the right to ride in traffic with tons of horsepower.

Should an ebiking mom with a child and two bags of groceries be limited to W when she tries to go up a steep hill to get home? Should she walk, or just take a car? There is one TS style that is built into a bottom-bracket spindle to activate a hubmotor.

And there is even a TS style that monitors the tension on the chain. The TSDZ2 torque-and-speed sensing bottom bracket assembly. The strain gauge in located in the center of the spindle, and the two discs on the left one stationary, one spinning comprise the speed sensor. One of the things that experimenters like about the TSDZ2 is that it has both, a torque sensor and speed sensing.

An ebike torque-sensor is a specialized type of strain gauge. I have ridden many factory ebikes with TS, and I appreciate its virtues. The power application is instantly on, and when you stop pedaling, it is instantly off.

One key feature is that the harder you pedal, the more power it applies, with a very smooth transition.

EU No Tax 36V250W /36V350W TSDZ2 mid drive motor with torque sensor

PAS power levels are adjustable, regardless of the type. The expensive factory drives from Bosch, Yamaha, and Continental use this. I spoke to some people from Bafang, and they actually feel that the delay is a safety feature. That makes the programming easy to hack more on that below.

The fewer amps you use, the cooler it will run. If you rarely end up using the highest power settings, you should lower the max amps to reduce the motor heat. For people in Europe, part of the appeal is that Tong Sheng actually makes a street-legal W drive using the same body, so this tiny W motor looks legal. The controller will likely overheat at any amp level above 18A, so the path to the max power is using more volts.

Plus, a 48V battery can power an inverter to provide V AC to your home during a power outage.Choosing the right electric mountain bike may, at first, be daunting until you identify your need for the machine. Are there any chances of your regular bicycle to the e-bike of your dreams using the Tongsheng TSDZ2 electric bike conversion kit? The first time electric bikes arrived in the bicycle market, there were mixed reactions regarding their performance and potential benefits.

As more people began to accept them, manufacturers went over heels with their designs and continued to release exceptional machines.

When you get yourself an e-bike, you afford yourself the chance to enjoy using a machine that takes cycling experiences to a whole new level. Once you establish your need for an electric biketake time reviewing various factors for you to find a good one. Start by comparing different models while focusing on their unique features. You can also consult with friends or bicycle vendors who are familiar with motor-powered bikes.

Weight and placement play a crucial role in how an e-bike might or might not suit your lifestyle. Your weight should correspond to the weight requirements of the bike. You should also look out for accessories such as mudguards, racks, and lighting systems, depending on how you need them. The various factors to take into account in your search are as follows:.

Tongsheng made a name for itself in the e-bike industry as a manufacturer of plug and play mid-drive e-bike conversion kits.

DuB-EnG: Building an Electric Bike DIY TSDZ2 Budget eBike 36v 15Ah 250w for £400 Build Test \u0026 Review

The motor unit features an internal torque sensor, which proportionately responds to the amount of pedaling force applied to your bike. With this method, the motor units rely on the gear ratios for maximum torque and efficiency.

When installed correctly, Tongsheng TSDZ2 is an excellent option for an electric bike conversion kit. The torque sensing system provides optimal assistance allowing the bike to be efficient in operation. TSDZ2 is arguably among the cheapest options for converting a regular bike to a motor-powered one.

Tongsheng TSDZ2 Choosing the right electric mountain bike may, at first, be daunting until you identify your need for the machine. Why Invest in an Electric Bike? The various factors to take into account in your search are as follows: Battery — The number of hours an e-bike can travel highly depends on its battery capacity and motor type. A motor that drains less energy from the battery can power a bike for long. An e-bike with a higher torque rating is ideal for hill climbing.

Range — Since speed helps determine the range an e-bike can coverit will take more battery power to travel at a higher speed than a lower speed. Range may also vary with the terrain, motor type, and weight of the bike. Motor type — Mid-drive motors have a higher capacity for hill climbing while hub motors which are inefficient on hills work well on flat, consistent terrain. Type of assistance — An e-bike may offer assistance when the engine starts without pedaling. You may also find one that requires a little pedaling effort for the motor to start.

Levels of support — With the levels of support ranging from 3 to 9, you get to choose the level of assistance depending on your pedaling efforts and roughness of the terrain.Tongsheng TSDZ2 is a Chinese made motor engine that could power up almost all bicycles and turn into a functioning e-bike. It is easily mountable and has a wide fanbase worldwide. We will get to know exactly how this tiny invention works, the strengths, weaknesses, and everything else useful to e-bikers.

So, what are waiting for? Before we get a little technical, I think it is better to understand just how safe it gets on the road with a motorized bike.

Tongsheng TSDZ2 Review – Should you buy it?

Keeping that in mind, having any motorized bike with powers exceeding Watts should be driven in restricted areas or free zones not governed by the highway rules. Even in Turbo modes, you will still have to add some force to keep the e-bike going. Torque sensors are the more sophisticated type of PAS and work well for mild workout riding sessions. Well, the most noticeable feeling when you step on a torque sensor e-bike is how the modulation of power affects your pedal assistance.

You will hear e-bikers say that, when activated, TS models have a natural feel. Another great benefit torque sensors provide is that they are quite counter-reactive and starts almost instantly.

tsdz2 250w

Consequently, it stops immediately you turn it off, although the developers at Tongsheng have a split second delay for safety purposes. The reactivity in torque sensors is great especially during an uphill ride.

Imagine the sensor stopping in the middle of an inclination and refuses to start? The result of such advantages is more contained power consumption. Rather than just joyriding the e-bike, as with other types of PASthe biker has to pedal faster in order to achieve more power. Both the torque sensor and the biker need to work hand in hand. Depending on how you take it, this could be an advantage or a disadvantage.

For some reason, I think the torque sensor is great for a seamless workout plan without extra strain or sweat.

Tongsheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor E-bike Conversion Kit

However, it is still disadvantageous as you may burn yourself out trying to achieve higher power distribution: torque sensor will decrease its power as you reduce the number of revolutions while pedaling. Once you remove the side cover, you will quickly notice a connection of several wires intertwined here and there. Other five smaller wires attached to the white plug operate as Hall sensors. The red and black Hall wires are negative and positive for the thin BGY wires.

All motors come in rather similar shapes and dimensions but they only differ in the amounts of output power. The power output relies on the type of battery charge installed on the motor.Item location: Germany warehouse. Shipping: Free and No Tax. We just sell to EU country for this price. If you from Europe country,We will send it from Germany warehouse.

TSDZ2 electric bicycle central mid motor with torque sensor. E-bus cable set can compatible till 28inch bike. Easy installtion as 8FUN center motor. Without brand on the motor. Special speed sensors, which are more robust, and include a split 'Y' adapter, to hook up a 6V headlight, and 6V taillight, which you can control from the display. How do I know if this mid drive motor fits for my bike?

This mid drive motor desighed to fit bike with a 68mm 2. The inner diamater of the bracket should be not less than We will send extra washers and bolts for 73mm bottom bracket. If you do not add gaskets, It is easy crack the shell and destroy torque sensor. Speed sensor: Tighten with cable tie,Keeping distance between 10mm to 15mm,The arrow align at magnet. The motor does not work when the mid motor TSDZ2 is no-load. Do not tough the pedals when turing on the display power.

Toggle navigation PSWPower. Special speed sensors, which are more robust, and include a split 'Y' adapter, to hook up a 6V headlight, and 6V taillight, which you can control from the display Warranty: 1 year based on the purchase data : Free repair,buyer pay for return postage and resend postage, buyer should return to Italy for repair, don't need return to china.

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tsdz2 250w

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tsdz2 250w

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